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UPDATE 10/06/08: This is a Kofa Class of 1988 reunion update. I'll be posting links here to pictures, so they're all in one place. The links are below!

Here are Matt Morton's pictures.
Here are Michele Yate's pictures.
Here are my pictures.
Here are Michelle Curcio's pictures.
Here are Robert Nalley's pictures.
Here are Sally Logsdon's pictures.
Here are Janet Cox's pictures.
Slideshow from the dinner.

UPDATE 3/28/08: This is an update for any of my Kofa High School class of 1988 classmates. The website for our reunion has been posted and details are forthcoming. The reunion dates are Oct 3 & 4, 2008.

Here is a link to the Kofa 1988 Reunion site.

UPDATE 3/27/08: This is a second update in the same day, so don't expect another one until fall (ha). Gina showed me this on the front page of the paper and I just had to pass it along.

There is a bunch of hullabaloo in Longmont over the school district. Apparently, for a variety of natural selection-type reasons, they're completely out of money. To try to keep things going, they are laying a bunch of people off. The people are protesting this, and to show how qualified they are to be part of the school district and to educate our kids, they have been protesting. The paper showed a picture of two protesters holding up signs... One of the signs was upside down. What a great way to show how qualified you are to educate young people! To have your picture put on the front page of the paper proudly displaying your cause for all to see, upside down. Longmont, hire this woman back! We need her in the classroom, pronto!

Link (enlarge the pict, she's the one on the right)

UPDATE 3/27/08: In keeping with my annual tradition of updating this page, I thought I'd pass this along... You know when you get email from companies (sometimes it's spam, sometimes it's a 'thank you for your order' sorta thing)? Often they tell you not to reply, right? Sometimes, the dumber ones, even use an address like DoNotReply@DoNotReply.com. Yeah, that's an actual site. And the owner of that site literally gets millions of emails because people don't follow directions and reply anyway.

There are two separate 'shame-on-yous' to be handed out here. The first one is on the company who sent the message using an email that actually points to someone else's site. The second one is on the person who replied to the message. But what makes this funny (and why I posted about it), is that this guy posts these messages to his blog. He does strip out the sensitive info first, but he won't take down the posts until these companies make a donation to an animal charity. There are of course some identity theft undertones here (for example, if you make an online payment to Capital One, they send the confirmation using this DoNotReply.com return address). No big deal unless you reply and leave all the sensitive information in the message. Here's the link: DoNotReply.

UPDATE 5/7/07: I couldn't resist this story--it's too lame. By now just about everyone on the internet has heard at least a reference to MySpace. It's basically a social site where kids (anyone who is younger than me) create mini webpages and post pictures, friends, likes, dislikes, manifestos, whatever. This story is about a young woman (she's 25) who was working on a teaching degree. Her college (Millersville University located smack in the heart of Lamersville, Pennsylvania) blocked her teaching certificate and changed her degree because of a picture posted on MySpace.

Now, I'm not a user of MySpace. I might accidentally have an account there but I've never used it. And I'm the first to admit that many of the things posted on MySpace are not the sorts of things that make parents proud. However, this picture is neutral. It was called the Drunken Pirate (I bet google lists it), but she's drinking out of a Mr. Goodbar cup. In this case, I hope she beats the pants off those Omish-have-no-funs. Here's a link to the story on the smoking gun.

ps: I'm currently in the market for the biggest pirate hat that money can buy.

UPDATE 1/6/07: We've had 3 snowstorms in 3 weeks. My best guess is that we've had 48 inches of snow in these 3 weeks. Our road is a disaster. Trash trucks get stuck on it, and I'm fairly certain the Honda will get stuck in the huge hole that exists between the two ice shelves on our road and the connecting road at the end of the street. We took pictures from the first storm. By the second storm, we were losing our sense of humor about snow and at this point, it just sucks. The snow totals were 28", 12", and 8" per week. They are predicting more snow next week. Neat.

UPDATE 12/28/06:So below is a fun exchange between me and Customer Support from a POS shipping company. I won't name them but their initials are D.H.L. This correspondence was initiated when a package that was guaranteed to be delivered by Dec. 20 hadn't showed up by Dec. 24.

This was my initial complaint (which I sent on 12/24/06):
At this point, I find it highly annoying that you have not only failed to deliver this package, but have driven around with it on a truck since Friday so I can't even pick it up myself.

Yes, we had bad weather, but yes, every single delivery company except you has managed to resume operations. Good job, I'll never be using DHL again for any shipping as long as I have a choice.

This was their reply (which I received on 12/28/06):
Dear Craig Poley,

Thank you for contacting DHL.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Our tracking records indicate, as on 12/28/2006 08:10, the shipment is with the delivery courier and should be delivered today by the end of business, barring any unforeseeable delays.

Thank you for using DHL.

This was my reply back to them, again on 12/28/06:
Yes, but your tracking records (or your service) are crap.

Your system keeps overwriting the scans, but I have printed the tracking record every day.

Friday, 12/22/06 5:46pm it was with the delivery courier scheduled for delivery.
Saturday, 12/23/06 9:16am it was with the delivery courier scheduled for delivery.
Tuesday, 12/26/06 6:16pm it was with the delivery courier scheduled for delivery.
Thursday, 12/28/06 8:10am it was with the delivery courier scheduled for delivery.

So, you've been driving this box around northern colorado for no less than 6 days. The courier could have walked from your center to my house on snowshoes and delivered it 5 times by now. FedEx has been to the house. UPS has been to the house. And USPS has been to the house. Hell, we have had pizza delivered. DHL appears to be the only one who is incapable of making a delivery. Good show.


UPDATE 11/10/06: Alright, I know I haven't updated this thing for a couple years. Why you might ask? Well the short answer is because I'm lazy. I do web stuff all day long and when I get home, the thought of updating a web page and tweaking a bunch of photos to put on a site makes me want to eat my own foot. However, I will try to do better. By better I mean more often than once every two years.

UPDATE 11/29/04: I know it's been a while. No reason, really, other than being busy and not really being in the mood to make updates. We just did, however, celebrate a birthday. Dylan turned 4 on Thanksgiving this year. Here is a picture of him carefully unwrapping one of his gifts (with Sam looking on).